dossierabPORTADAAngela Acevedo Becerra is a Colombian writer, A winner of Planeta-Casa de América Award in 2009, Azorín Prize in 2005 and four Latin Literary Award in Chicago. Her books have been translated into 23 languages and published in more than 50 countries. Angela is considered the creator of the Magic Idealism, and she is one of the most widely read Spanish-speaking authors and the best-selling Colombian writer after Gabriel García Márquez.

Angela Becerra was born in Cali (Colombia), where she studied Communication. For twenty years she worked in advertising creation, and received several international awards. In 2000, when she was Creative Vice-President of one of the most important advertising agencies in Spain, she abandoned her successful career to dedicate herself completely to her most profound passion: literature.


Her literary work

Her first published work was Alma Abierta (2001), a beautiful collection of poems that deals with the conflicts of the human being in maturity.
De los amores negados (2003), her first published novel, obtained the 2004 Latin American Literary Award at the prestigious Chicago Book Fair, and a warm reception from critics and readers in Spain and Latin America.
El penúltimo sueño (2005) established her as a great novelist. With it she obtained the 2005 Azorín Novel Award, the 2005 Award for the Best Colombian Fiction Book and the Latin American Literary Award again in 2006. In 2007, she published Lo que le falta al tiempo, for which she received the third Latin American Literary Award. In 2008, she received the fourth Latin American Literary Award and the III Iberoamericano Planeta Award – Casa de America in 2009.
In 2008 she publishes in Colombia Amor con A (Villegas Editores), a collection of poems -limited edition- with a circular vision of love: the beginning, the climax and the death of love.
Ella, que todo lo tuvo (Grupo Planeta, 2009), is a novel of psychological cut. It tells the story of a writer who after an accident no rewrites. This work received the Planeta-Casa de America Award in 2009.
In 2013 she presents Memorias de un sinvergüenza de siete suelas (Grupo Planeta), a novel with high emotional contrasts in the most glamorous and traditional Seville.
Publishers, critics and readers acclaim her for the poetic quality of her prose, the psychological complexity of her characters and the sophisticated erotism of her narrative. Her work has been translated into 23 languages.
Very few people know her as an active creator in other fields. Some art curators value her approaches to photography, drawing, painting, sculpture and theater, recognizing a powerful aesthetic universe.

Angela Becerra is a regular columnist for several newspapers. She lives and works in Barcelona, where she is currently writing her next novel.


Creator of magic idealism

“I come from a country, Colombia, with an amazing imagination: I grew up between reality and fiction, with the tales I heard as a child, the noises of the night … I remember a night bird that sings as if somebody was choking a woman, and at home they said it was the headless bride, whose body was looking for her head… You end up living in that imagined reality”, Angela Becerra

Although there are references about Magic Idealism in the German romanticism, Angela Becerra is the first one to speak about this literary movement after the reviews made by the international press of her work. For Becerra, as representative and creator of Magic Idealism, the best way to define it is as “magic at the service of emotions, something that helps highlight a situation or a very strong emotion”.

Magic Idealism is then the common ground of the novels by Angela Becerra and her contribution to literary world production.


MujerEsAhora Foundation

One of the characteristics of Angela Becerra`s writings is the constant presence of women empowered of their own fate. In addition, Ángela has always been committed with the fight against injustice and abuse.

Following the launch of his book “Memoirs of a Seven Soles Scoundrel” in Seville, the author decided that it was the time to create MujerEsAhora Foundation. Although legally based in her country of origin, Colombia, the Foundation will also work in Spain, where she currently lives. The Foundation’s aims to create consciousness of gender equality and act as a sound box that helps to empower women, so they can be on top of their own fates.

Its motto is: “It’s not about who can do more. It’s about to balance the scales.”

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